Waltonchain’s mainnet and WTC 2.0 wallet

Waltonchain set to launch its mainnet in a few days time

Waltonchain is blockchain technology that is focused on facilitating the supply chain and it is seeking to integrate the Internet of Things so as to connect the real world and the blockchain technology in order to have a cohesive system. Waltonchain’s team has a schedule to release its mainnet by the end of March or early April.

Waltonchain’s mainnet launch and WTC 2.0 wallet

Once it is launched, there are child chains that will follow. There are a number of high-quality projects that have expressed interest and have contacted waltonchain to launch their own chain on the Waltonchain’s mainnet. In addition to this launch, they will also launch a waltonchain 2.0 wallet.

The effect of mainnet on the waltonchain price.

When this announcement came, its prices shot by more than 4 % in a span of 24 hours. As we approach the end of the month, there are so many hopes among the investors that it is going to favor the pricing. Currently, Waltonchain is trading at $10.42 with a trading volume of over $2.1 million. This is one of the most sought-after projects and according to cryptocurrency analysts, its price is going to skyrocket with the launch of this mainnet.

Waltonchain has a current market cap of over $259 million and with the total cryptocurrency market cap standing at just over $263 billion, there is a big room for the growth of waltonchain factoring in the circulating supply compared with the maximum market supply. As a matter of fact, there are speculations that its pricing will surpass its current All Time High of $45.96 in a few months once the current market onslaught is contained.

Release of the Waltonchain masternode rewards.

According to the waltonchain development team, there is also a scheduled release of masternode rewards at the same time of the release of the mainnet. This is great news for the node holders. In December Waltonchain launched the Guardian Masternode program which the WTC holders can secure. For you to get into this program, you need to have at least 5,000 WTC as from December 10, 2017. Should you be a WTC holder and the number falls below the required 5,000 then your seniority is reset.

These nodes use a combination of proof of work and a proof of stake. Waltonchain has also set aside 30 million WTC specifically for mining and they will be available as soon as the mainnet is launched. In addition, there will be another separate pool for guardian masternode that has not yet been announced.


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