Decred ($DCR) Coin Roadmap Overview

Understanding the contents of the Decred roadmap

The year 2017 was one of the most eventful year in the cryptocurrency industry more so for the Decred coin. Decred coin has a great approach that is bound to change the cryptocurrency niche. It is known for coming up with the deliverables before hyping them unlike other coins that hype their projects before they can even focus on their listing in the exchanges. Decred founders says that they are optimistic of having a strong uptrend especially in 2018. The team came up with their expectations and roadmap of what they expect in this year and their respective timelines. The 2018 roadmap is based on the four quarters of the year.

Decred ($DCR) Coin Roadmap Overview

In their 2018 roadmap, the Decred team has shares the below as their main areas covered by the roadmap.

  1. The simplified payment verification wallet support. This support system is meant to take effect in the first quarter of the year. This SPV wallet support is meant to eliminate the process of connecting the wallet service to a centralized server. Decred SPV wallet server is meant to use compact filters that are enabled to work over the P2P network.
  1. Politea voting. As it nears completion, Decred proposal system will allow the Decred stake holder and its users to have an influence on what will get funded and will not. Basically, all the users will have a say in the making of decision.
  1. Use of the lightning network. This part of the roadmap has already been completed and it is set to be released soon. This will speed up how transactions are completed.
  1. Initial privacy release. One of the features of all cryptocurrencies is their anonymity and Decred is determined to improve their security feature. To facilitate this, they are set to release initial privacy feature.
  1. A decentralized control of funds. Decred development team will be creating a smart contract that will fully decentralize how the funds will be controlled. With this smart contract, Decred will be able to allow the creation of Decentralized Autonomous Entities on the Decred chain.
  1. Optimization of its scalability potential. In order to improve the scaling properties of Decred, there are a lot of expected changes. Some of the changes include the new signature algorithm, the multipeer sync support and header commitments.
  1. The decentralized exchange. In their pipeline, there is a draft of a proposal for a decentralized exchange that will be shared public with an eye to ONLY cryptocurrency.
  1. Decred marketing growth. In 2018, there are several cryptocurrency trade shows that are planned by the Decred team in an attempt to facilitate their marketing efforts.
  1. Decrediton integrations. In order to support the Politea voting, lightning network and the SPV wallet support, the Decred team will be adding several integrations.


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