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This is how Cardano can help to develop Africa

All industries that involve record keeping can gain greatly from the use of the blockchain technology. However, for countries with entrenched processes, may not embrace the implementation of this technology. In property transfer and ownership, a digital blockchain property register can greatly help to verify and transfer land at low costs. There are blockchain trial opportunities that are arising in the sub-Saharan Africa and they need to be built on a solid open-source technology.

Cardano’s ($ADA) Aim in the African countries

When developing Cardano, the main aim was to establish a blockchain platform that was based on academic research that was conducted by the world top researchers and engineers and the research was peer-reviewed. With this research, Cardano has a plan to start trial projects across African countries. The main agenda is to make Cardano the blockchain that will be mainly used to build solid structure in the land registries and other departments that require vital record keeping.

Cardano founders have been following the people’s needs especially the cry in Kenya and Ghana regarding their land documents and the amount of time it is taking to verify the documents. Cardano is determined to solve this problem by implementation of their blockchain platform.

What are the challenges of implementing these developments?

Before you can enjoy success, there are a lot of challenges on the way. This ambition will not be achieved in one day. There are factors that will determine how fast the success will be realized. Below are the main challenges that will face Cardano.

  1. Will the public authorities invest in creating the required legal environment?
  2. The implementation challenges especially given that the system is set to serve millions of people.
  3. Bringing the government, people, private sector and NGOs to work together yo pulfil the vision of this technology.
  4. Training new African developers on how Cardano works.

Cardano’s opportunities.

Since starting this role a few weeks ago, there is a lot of potential for Cardano to solve the issues revolving developments in African countries. There are endless opportunities in Africa.

There are from Kenya who have developed interest in the use of Cardano’s system to do great incredible things. There are other developers from South Africa who are to make a decentralized app to help in the rent collection.

With opportunities, there are risks.

Everything has its good and bad side. While Cardano has endless opportunities in Africa, there are risks of being swept up in this mission due to failure to understand the exact needs and wants of the locals to curb this risk,

Cardano team is determined to work with the locals so that they can discover the requirements before they can come up with the problem suggestions.

In concluding this plan, Cardano team pleas to African people who are determined to start this African journey.


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