New job vacancies at Coinbase

Coinbase recruiting for Lightning Network developer

While people are complaining about computers taking their jobs, there is one industry that has a very high demand for skilled labor, but is short on the same. That industry is the cryptocurrency industry. For instance, there are very few lightning network developers. The lightning network is aimed at increasing transaction speeds in cryptocurrencies, and allowing for scalability, the two main issues affecting cryptos.

New job vacancies at Coinbase

There are very few individuals who have the skill to do this, and Coinbase is aggressively sourcing for one. If you have this skill, then this is the perfect job for you, and for a number of reasons.

For starters, you will be working for the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. This will raise your profile a great deal, given that anyone looking to hire you in the future will have to deal with you, based on the status you will have acquired on Coinbase.

On top of that, your elevated profile will give you the leverage to launch your tech company and attract high-level venture capitalists. That’s because the perception will be that your skills are on another level, and any tech venture you get into has the chances of success. In short, you will have the same status as Google and Facebook engineers who have gone ahead and launched their own successful companies, thanks to their previous connections to these tech giants.

Besides by working as a lightning network developer at Coinbase, you will be playing a role in taking blockchain technology to its next level of growth. Part of what is hindering the mass adoption of blockchain technology is the issue of scalability and transaction speeds. As a lightning network developer, you will be playing a key role in bringing blockchain to the masses, and take it its next phase of growth. That a legacy that can do a lot of good, not just to your resume, but also to your legacy as a developer. You will have created a name for yourself as one of the few people that played a role in the advancement of human welfare.

So how do you go about applying for this job? Well, it’s simple! Just visit the Coinbase website and choose careers. Click on the lightning developer job and apply. The company will later contact you on the terms of the job, then you will get started on your journey to stardom as a lightning network developer of the largest exchange on the planet.


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