Weekly Crypto Twitter Digest

Best Crypto Tweets of The Week #1

In this series of posts I will try to collect most interesting, funny and important crypto wisdom from Twitter. Keep in mind that this list is based on the twitter list I’m regularly reading and I can miss something. Feel free to suggest other interesting tweets and rumors in the comments below.

Weekly Crypto Twitter Digest – #1

Twitter is in very bullish mod today, so I decided to start with that. Twitter community does not despair at all. Everyone is waiting for altcoin season and the prices to increase. I’ll also advice to pay attention to the short list of promising upcoming ICO’s, but remember to do your own research of course.

@crypto_capone in no way doubts

When you buy alts while everyone else panics:

Isn’t it too soon for altcoin season? :

BCash? LOL!

Bears are almost here

This will never gets old:

Interesting pick of promising ICO’s in April

I should definitely take this as advice while doing my projects and stuff…

You deserve to know the truth, never blindly follow media FUD:

“I have $40 to invest and I’m in prison also”:

I’ll add this tweet just a reminder for myself that patience is the key in the crypto game:

I knew that:

There are a lot of good news regarding $ZRX coin on Twitter:

@CryptoInsiderX is sharing his wisdom:

I didn’t quite understand this yet, but I just can’t skip this tweet:

Let’s close the topic with Mt Gox related comment:

As for me, I have strong beliefs that we’ll see new all time highs for Bitcoin as well as for other top crypto coins. The market capitalization is still small enough to say that there won’t be new ATH’s. I think we’ll see huge movements either toward the end of spring or in the summer, but time will tell. In the meantime, we can only guess what will happen in the future.


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