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What Crypto Twitter Says about Tron Coin?

Let me start with short introduction. I’ve been involved in crypto movement years ago, but then for some reason I’ve lost my interest and came back when Bitcoin hits 7k for the first time. It was like 3-4 months ago I suppose. Today I’m trading on at least 4 exchanges and have a portfolio with more than 40 different altcoins. Some will say it’s too much, but it seems good to me. As to the topic of our article, I do not own or hold any $TRX coins at the moment. Now let’s get straight to the coin we are looking at today. According to the trading volume TRON is now TOP 5 cryptocoin in the industry.

Tron ($TRX) Coin Predictions for 2018

There’s a lot of activity on official Tron and Justin Sun (Founder of @tronfoundation) twitter accoints. Most of the posts there are getting quite a lot of feedback from community. Hundreds of comments and reposts on every and each post. Let me list some of the latest news here (this is quite an impressive list):

  • Test net will be launched in March 31 and main net in May 31.
  • TRON announced a strategic partnership with
  • TRON announced a strategic cooperation with BitGuild
  • the list goes on and on…

A lot of purchases of TRON on Binance exchange right now:

In case you’ve missed it (just like I did), recently TRX coin has been added to Bittrex exchange, which is a huge deal since nowadays Bittrex is not adding new coins much, they’re mostly deleting and removing old ones 🙂

Koinex India exchange lists $TRX coin

It was listed on a few days ago:

Sounds so sweet (the comments to this post are also good, I do enjoy those numbers):

I want to believe this guy:

Another interesting prediction for TRX:

I do consider this as a smart though:

Another prediction for TRX to be the top coin of 2018:

TRX is now available for trading on Huobi:

Some investors like TRON coin so much, that they never even going to sell it:

Do you agree that now is the time to buy more?

Girls also like $TRX

I feel you girl…

Crypto Charm is calling 0.10$ by the end of the March

It does actually seems like this is only a begging for the TRON community. Justin and his team truly believes in their project. May be it’s wise to buy TRON right now, but usually after these kind of jumps, the coin goes even lower in price and no one can predict when it will start growing in price again.

Keep in mind that crypto market is very unstable and you should not blindly follow comments like “x3-x4 is easy”. If Bitcoin goes lower in price, there is a high probability that altcoins fall as well.



  1. JFK Reply

    TRX is not what people think it is and many will learn the hard way – way to much token supply – manipulated price by a market maker holding 3 billion tokens selling off w EVERY price rise – plag;s white paper confirmed – DEF not worth 2 billion market cap – and the list goes on – would NEVER invest in this token scam

  2. Carl Reply

    “oh but the white paper”. Ok this is old and has been resolved my guy. Doesn’t every cheap coin suffer from price mulipulation? ICX, VEN, IOST, OCN, and the biggest one of them all BTC.

  3. IEK Reply

    Why would you waste your valuable time even reading about this”token scam” let alone posting about it if it was just a “scam token”??? I am very pleased with bloggers like you it keeps the price down so I can continue to buy at a discounted price until the mainnet comes out ad tron hits $.50 plus

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