XVG Coin Price is Rising

Verge (XVG) coin – race with the bulls or just hype?

Verge coin has gone absolutely insane, exploding with crazy 47% per day. Let’s dig into recent news about Verge (XVG) coin.

XVG price rapidly grows – Latest changes with Verge altcoin.

Like a majority of altcoins Verge is under firm bear grip since begging of the year. XVG got attention from a crypto community in December 2017. With a John McAfee tweets, Verge exploded with almost 3000% price increase just in few days. From that time it lost around 90% of peak price, but verge is still in demand.

Altcoin crowdfunding and mysterious partnership.

To capture attention and gain additional financing, Verge announced via Twitter that they might have the largest partnership  –  “A global organization with a vast network of high traffic sites”. And to “accelerate effort” they made a crowdfunding with a target of 75 Million XVG. The tweet was looking like a click-bait add and was overhyped in short time.

The funding was gathered quite slowly, on Sunday they had only 20 Million XVG, while needed 75. The situation rapidly changed when TokenPay (decentralized and self-verifying payment platform) announced that they will double all donations until Verge reaches 50 Million XVG.

Big promises from Verge CEO.

Once objective had been achieved, Verge seemed deeply obligated to the community. They promised “… some amazing news to share with everyone”. Yet, on a chosen day the CEO of Verge – Justin Sunerok in official video announced that enigmatic partner will be revealed on April 17th. He also said that this day will be the biggest day for XVG coin and whole cryptocurrency world.

In the video, Justin Sunerok also affirmed that the new marketing campaign will be on the global level with a brand-new look and it could possibly change cryptocurrency image worldwide. Such a big promise – let’s see how that turns out.

Current situation with Verge price and coin ranking.

Verge is currently ranked as a 20th currency on global coin ranking list. The price is rapidly growing and has some very positive bully changes lately.


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