Golem Token is Awaken

The Golem is Awake! The app is finally live with bull pump.

Golem coin price exploded with 143% in less than 1 hour, currently have a 160% week grow and 65% daily! Let’s start with some beautiful charts and then get into the analysis.

golem coin price chart

What is Golem ($GNT) coin?

Golem team calls their project ’’Airbnb for computers’’, it is a peer-to-peer networking system, which allows you to lend your unused CPU and GPU cycles and earn some cryptocurrency for that. In addition, giving users the opportunity to use ’’global, open source, a decentralized supercomputer”. It is made up of the combined power of user’s machines from PCs to entire data centers’’.


Golem is one of the first Ethereum projects. Very interesting, extremely ambitious, and as future showed – very complex and technically difficult.

Its ICO was very successful, raising a huge amount of funds: 820,000 ETH – almost $421 million, according to current ETH price (1 ETH – 513 USD). However, after ICO project been nearly silent almost for 2 years.

And finally, within last few days, GNT coin had some really nice news. What resulted in a firm pump.

Golem begins Beta Testing

That lengthy wait is lastly over, as GNT team has begun the beta testing, which everybody can take part in. Besides, GNT team has put in motion the mainnet, which is one more step further for the project.

Upbit Lists GNT coin

Upbit – biggest cryptocurrency exchange platform in the world, has added GNT/KRW trading pair in own listing. This means that it is possible to buy directly Golem tokens through Upbit with Korean Wons. Increasing the global trading volume resulted in GNT price growth.


Golem is very innovative and ambitious project. It is finally live and working. However, for some time we have to wait and analyze feedback from beta users. The beta launch itself is very exciting news, but there will be a long way ahead. As it is written in Golem team official blog – “Prorsum et sursum ad excellentiam”. In Latin, this means “forward and upward towards excellence”.

gnt token chart


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