Lisk (LSK) Price Analysis – March 15th

Lisk cryptocurrency (LSK) has seen a fall in their price compared to the US $ 17.32 mark it had reached on March 8th, and the fall continues. As of March 15th US EST early morning, LSK is trading at US $ 10.66. In terms of market cap, LSK is at the 19th spot.

Lisk ($LSK) Crypto Coin Price Forecast and Latest News

lisk coin price


The below graph tracks the recent trend:

LSK Price Graph


The fall in price in the past one week can be attributed to the following generic reasons, none of which are specifically related to LSK:

  • International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief Christine Lagarde has very recently called for regulation of cryptocurrencies, and expressed concern over criminal activities being financed with cryptocurrencies.
  • Following in the footsteps of Facebook, which banned all cryptocurrency related ads in January this year, now Internet giant Google has decided to ban all crypto related ads starting June 2018.
  • The regulators in the US and Japanese markets are putting increasing pressure on cryptocurrency exchanges. Japans has asked Bitstation and FSHO, two prominent exchanges operating there, to stop business activities for a month, and has asked five others to improve their business controls. The US Securities and Exchange commission has stated that the cryptocurrency exchanges could be asked to follow rules set by them, and will be penalized if they fail to adhere.
  • Recent hackings of crypto exchanges have again turned spotlight on the issue of their security.
  • Some national governments continue to show tough stance vis-à-vis cryptocurrencies, for e.g. India continues to discourage the Indian citizens from trading in cryptocurrencies, and China is following through on their February action of blocking internet access to crypto exchanges by recently blocking social media accounts of crypto exchanges.

On a long-term basis, LSK is a promising investment option. We know how Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) model stormed the market, and made developer the new king, leveraging the flexibility that cloud computing provides. With PaaS, developer needs to bring code and data only, everything else including hardware, middleware, operating system is taken care of by the cloud service provider. The real value of LSK crypto token is in the Lisk decentralized applications (DApps) platform, which makes blockchain developer the new king! The platform is an open-source one, and provides free tools built on JavaScript, a very popular programming language. If you are a blockchain developer, using the platform and the tools, you can quickly get your blockchain-based DApp developed, tested and deployed on Lisk. Lisk has grown to be the largest platform of its kind over the years.

The developer can monetize their apps, while side chains, i.e. mini blockchains, ensure privacy. All transactions within the Lisk platform use LSK native currency. Many experts believe that Lisk DApp platform is where the future online businesses that use blockchain will reside on. It helps to remember that while there are increasing calls to regulate cryptocurrencies, their underlying technology blockchain is welcomed by all, due to its promise of decentralization and immutable records. LSK is a good bet, due to its immense growth potential.


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