ICON (ICX) Coin - A sleeping giant about to awake

ICON (ICX) Coin – A sleeping giant about to awake

Since the third week of January, cryptocurrency industry has for the better part of it been on the down trend. A lot of investors with weak hands have resulted to selling off their coins in fear of a bubble that is about to burst for many coins. ICON ($ICX) is one of the coins that saw its value drop by more than 80% in 2018. However, this has changed in the past one week. Its value has increased by more than 73% according coin market cap.

ICON is headed to the moon as its price explodes beyond the $3.80 mark.

For many speculators, ICON is a sleeping giant and even today, as other currencies experienced a downtrend, ICON has improved by more than 14.06% at the time of writing.

Icon Coin Price

Source: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/icon/

ICON is a huge project and its potential can be seen by the improvement of its market cap which stats at over $1.5B. ICON is regarded as a blockchain of blockchains where different communities in the same line f products and service provision come together to create a local blockchain network which is optimized to meet the specific needs of the community through the use of smart contracts. There is a very big potential of the ICX’s market cap getting to over $10 billion very soon.

ICON gets listed on Bithumb.

Earlier this week, it was one of the best moments for ICX when it got listed on a leading Korean’s exchanges called Bithumb. As soon as it was listed the price jumped by almost $1.00. After the initial pumping, the ICX prices have remained relatively steady as much as it has gone up and down at some points, it can be seen that the future is bright for ICON. Currently, the coin is trading at $3.83.

The listing in Bithumb was warmly received because ICX is known as “Korean Ethereum” and it will now be available to Koreans for the first time. Bithumb is ranked as the 6th largest exchanges measured by volume. It trades about $ billion each day.

ICON announces an airdrop.

In addition to the Bithumb listing, ICON announced that they will airdrop ICX and it will benefit every user of its exchange on April 6, 2018. The benefit will be determined by the age of the account but the users will stand to benefit from 2 to 20 ICX.

The current surge by ICON is just a beginning as noted by the analysts. Currently, ICX is exchanged on Bithumb Pro and when it gets listed on the main Bithumb exchange, we are likely to experience a bigger surge.

Koreans embrace ICX.

Koreans will have a privilege to access the next generation cryptocurrency. There are several industries in Korea that are already using ICX and as it continues to grow, it will be used by big industries in and out of Korea. There are so many benefits of ICX that are experienced by local industries especially with the highly specialized local blockchains.


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  1. rwgfe Reply

    ICON will surpass NEO and Cardano given time! It’s ability to link blockchains across platforms is its main strength. It is already in partnerships with dozens of companies across Korea.

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