Investment in EOS coin in 2018

EOS Coin Price Prediction for 2018

EOS is one of the latest entrants in the ever growing spectrum of digital currencies. Founded by Don Larimer, the token uses Block One, which is a system much similar to Blockchain that powers Ethereum. The EOS coin was launched in July, 2017. It fetched a price of $1 and reached its all time high till date of $16 by the end of the year. Presently, EOS coin is pegged at $6.1 and the market cap is poised at $4.4 billion.

Investment in EOS coin in 2018

The platform called Block One uses smart contracts and native currencies to form a decentralized system that drives the application development. Developers of EOS can facilitate fifty thousand transactions per second. This is the maximum right now and it is much better than several other digital currencies using prevalent Blockchains. Sales based on Blockchain have often been rather slow due to the lagging responsiveness of the system. Block One resolves that issue.

EOS price prediction

EOS coins are expected to hit $20 in the near future and $150 by 2020.

The singularly most important EOS coin price prediction for 2018 is its possibility of generating as much as 900% return on investment over the next five years. Investing $100 into EOS coins right now will get one almost seventeen tokens. This investment may reach a value of $911 by 2022. This is considering the price of the token scaling $35 and perhaps more through 2018 and peaking at $168.405 in the long term.

EOS has been largely stable with its valuation over the past eleven months. It has witnessed fluctuations as have all other digital currencies. But whenever there has been some devaluation, the token has revived its plummet and also regained the loss. Not many digital currencies have been able to bounce back with such regularity and definitely not up to its previous high. EOS has a low entry point which makes it easier for investors to bag more coins or to keep the initial investments in check while bagging a substantial number of tokens. Many digital currencies are hyped up right now but EOS is not being seen as one among them. While there remains a possibility of crash for Ethereum and certainly for Bitcoin, the outlook of EOS is conservatively positive at worst and exponential growth at best.

EOS coins are expected to hit $20 in the near future and $150 by 2020. There is no major fear of a crash right now or in the near future. The appreciation may be slow and steady but the probability of generating a return is much higher for EOS compared to Ethereum or Bitcoin.


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