Elastos ambition that makes it to stand out among the Top 100 coins

Elastos ($ELA) Coin Predictions for 2018

Elastos is composition of three main tools, which is a decentralized internet, operating system as well as a virtual machine. It was mainly created to improve the security of everything running on Elastos their unique identifier. Since its development, it has continued to offer many investors a reason to invest in it.

Elastos ambition that makes it to stand out among the Top 100 coins

Elastos is not just a blockchain internet but it is an internet operating system that is powered by blockchain. In a recent review, Elastos management has outlined its ambitions that will make it stand out.

  1. The security of Elastos content is enhanced in that when the apps are running, the local operating system cannot sabotage the rights of the digital assets. This is done by providing an additional defense layer.
  2. Elastos OS does not permit a direct interaction with TCP/IP. In so doing, it removes the internet connection as an attack vector.
  3. It is easy to write a code with Elastos due to the presence of the traditional languages as well as support of popular programming frameworks.
  4. The public chain is quite simple but hidden from a third party.

The biggest difference between Elastos and other coins on blockchain network is that this is an operating system. Also, its competitors run smart contracts on the blockchain network while on Elastos, DApps are enabled by the blockchain technology but they do not run on the blockchain itself. This is important in improving the adoption while removing any potential scaling issues.

Elastos works with Bitcoin through merged mining which enables the projects that are not much popular to benefit from the coins with high hashpower. Also, there is a very thin likelihood of malicious attackers to take over big networks like they would for the small networks. As much as they work together, they are independent at all times and their transactions are never affected by the other chain.

Elastos offers various services such as the ID generation, token distribution, payment systems, etc. if the system takes off, a lot IDs will be generated as it includes assets as well as instances.

The P2P network enables the nodes to use their storage and computation. As much as this is similar to the other DApps, they are extended within Elastos. All the holders of ELA receives dividends in form of the Elastos tokens.

The partnerships that Elastos has with high profile companies has made itto be among the most preferred coins.

Some of its partnerships are;

  1. Taiwanese manufacturing juggernaut
  2. SAIC Motors
  3. Zapya, and
  4. Bitmain.

Elastos is committed to do things quite differently making it suitable for mobile user around the globe. Their mainnet is already live and there are demonstrations on the iOS. It is indeed an ambitious project determined to tackle various problems in the industry today.



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