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CyberMiles (CMT) Price Prediction

As of June 7th, US EST night, the CyberMiles cryptocurrency (CMT) continues with its’ robust performance in the crypto market. CMT is expected to transform the eCommerce market with the power of the decentralized blockchain technology and has made significant strides in the technology and product development. The crypto market is recognizing that clearly. The below chart depicts the steady increase in the price of CMT over a six-month period.

Cybermiles CoinMarketCap


The significant recent positive developments concerning CMT:

The crypto market is impacted by the recent spate of negative developments, for e.g.:

  • A major Bitcoin scam in India is currently being investigated;
  • Vietnam plans to ban the import of crypto mining hardware;
  • The government in Belgium has warned their citizens about the risks associated with cryptocurrencies and the possibility of scams.

However, the CMT continues to generate significant positive news. A few examples are following:

  1. The launch of the first cryptocurrency-only eCommerce platform This platform accepts CMT as payment and offers over 60 products. The merchandise includes trendy electronics and the CMT Cube, i.e. new mining machine for CMT. There is a very attractive cashback program over an extended period, which effectively makes the first purchase completely free! The customers can also invite their friends to shop with Blocktonic and earn a referral bonus.
  2. The pre-sale of CMT Cube is starting on the June 8th, and 2,000 CMT Cubes have been released for this.
  3. Egretia is the first HTML5 blockchain platform, and CyberMiles has recently entered into a partnership with them, which will make the development of blockchain-based eCommerce platform very easy.
  4. The well-known ICONOMI platform now lists CMT, and it will be a part of the Digital Asset Array (DAA) in ICONOMI. The crypto traders looking to diversify their crypto portfolio using ICONOMI can now also trade in this promising coin.
  5. For a relatively new coin, listing in a renowned exchange is always a positive news. The recent news that CMT will be listed in the reputed Rfinex exchange that uses advanced data encryption even at the level of financial data, is a very positive one.

The inherent strength of CMT makes it a sound investment option:

A spate of positive developments can drive up the value of a coin for a limited amount of time, whereas a sustained gain can only come from the inherent strength of the coin. In this regard, CMT fares well, for the following reasons:

  1. The design of the ‘smart business contracts’ in the CyberMiles platform makes them far more powerful than the Ethereum smart contracts.
  2. A blockchain platform built specifically for the eCommerce market, the CyberMiles platform will have a large set of eCommerce-related smart business contracts. That’s a boon for developers looking to build decentralized eCommerce platform quickly.
  3. 5miles, a partner of CyberMiles, is working on migrating 12 million American eCommerce customers to the CyberMiles blockchain platform. The platform will then manage the relevant data of this large customer base in a decentralized manner ensuring privacy and safety of the customer data. For the eCommerce companies, this will act as major incentive to build their platform on CyberMiles. This also means that 12 million Americans will start using CMT!
  4. The Ethereum blockchain platform has helped in wider adoption of the blockchain technology because it allowed the blockchain-crypto start-ups to develop their products and launch their crypto tokens. CyberMiles platform will allow the launch of ICOs with their CMT coin. This is expected to benefit the blockchain start-ups in the eCommerce space significantly. The eCommerce application market is over US $ 1 trillion!
  5. The ‘proof of stake’ (PoS) consensus algorithm used in the CyberMiles platform makes for high transaction throughput, and it’s expected that this platform will support tens of thousands of transactions per second.
  6. Decentralized settlement services such as Ripple (XRP) can be used with the CyberMiles platform.

Price predictions for CMT bring more positive news:

The strength of CMT is reflected in the price predictions done by the expert market-watchers, for e.g.:

  • The 62% gain in its’ price in May 2018 despite the overall volatility in the crypto market prompts the CryptoGlobalist team to predict that CMT could reach the important mark of US $ 1 by the end of 2018.
  • On the other hand, the WalletInvestor forecast is more conservative, although positive. They believe the CMT will gain over a long-term, and the price in June 2023 will be US $ 0.5064. This represents a 50.84% gain.


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