Cobinhood ($COB) Cryptocurrency Token Overview

Cobinhood Coin Analysis and Predictions for 2018

In this post I’m going to tell you about interesting altcoin which have a huge probability to become really huge in the next few months. I’m talking Cobinhood $COB coin. This is a token released by Cobinhood Exchange. Why do I think that Cobinhood coin price will rise? Let’s try let’s try to figure it out.

Cobinhood ($COB) Cryptocurrency Token Overview

I will start with kind of a common phrase: $COB token is currently very underestimated. If you haven’t yet heard about Cobinhood Zero Fee Cryptocurrency Exchange (which is probably true), I advice you to read additional information. Cobinhood exchange currently provides such services, which no other crypto-exchange does, for example Cobinhood provides zero commission for trading. This is huge advance for daily traders and people who deal with arbitrage trading.

All details indicate that this exchange will definitely develop and grow larger, because it has some strong competitive advantage over Bittrex, Binance and etc. Not only this, but because of very fast order processing, plans to become fully decentralized and much more.

As for the latest news regarding this token:

Check this exchange by yourself to see how incredible the work this team have done. In fact, I can expect at least x5 – x10 for COB coin by the end of 2018. For example, just draw and analogy with Binance or KuCoin exchanges and their tokens (here’s you can read an interesting article on that topic:

The current price for $COB on 03.11.2018 is around $0.11. What’s required for Cobinhood to grow is to get more new users to the exchange and be the first exchange to list fresh tokens and altcoins which can’t be bought anywhere else.


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