0x ($ZRX) Coin Price Predictions for 2018

0x just released some exciting market updates: HODL!

Yesterday was a big day for the 0X project. The project team announced a raft of accomplishments including signature generalization. This means that 0x can support hardware wallets such as Trezor, which is a big deal. The 0x development milestones are so impressive that even the co-founder of Reddit took time to contribute on the 0x s/Reddit. That’s just an indication of how impressive the 0x project is to the crypto community. 0x also announced that it has integrated multiple language support on its website. Through this feature, you can expect the number of people taking an interest in the project to grow across the world.

0x ($ZRX) Coin Price Predictions for 2018

However, even before the development updates were made, anyone with a keen eye on blockchain projects could easily tell that this is a project on the move. For starters, the project is designed to be the power behind decentralized exchanges. Already a number of large decentralized exchanges such as Ethfnex are running on the 0X protocol. This is a strong value anchor for the 0x protocol because as the number of decentralized exchanges grows, so will the value of this platform. Given the increasing incidences of hacking on centralized exchanges, you can expect the value of 0X as the power behind centralized exchanges to grow.

You are probably wondering, why would decentralized exchanges have the motivation to run on 0x and not any other blockchain project? Well, 0x offers a number of visible advantages that give it insurmountable power in this space. Take for instance the fact that 0x is trustless. It is created on the Ethereum platform with no centralized servers. This means that each transaction that a decentralized exchange relays through 0x is sent automatically. This not only eliminates security risks such as hacking, it also eliminates the problem of manipulation that is always there with centralized financial exchanges.

Then there is the fact that through the 0x platform, a decentralized exchange doesn’t have to provide any liquidity. The liquidity is provided through aggregation, which means that even a small decentralized exchange can run comfortably without having to worry about issues of liquidity. This is guaranteed to push many people looking to launch decentralized exchanges to the 0x platform. As this demand grows, you can expect the value of 0x to grow too. It’s a simple case of the economics laws of demand and supply.

It’s also interesting to note that 0x is open source and permissionless, which is the whole essence of blockchain technology. Basically, anyone looking to trade through the 0x platform just needs to have a counterparty and they can do a transaction for free. Alternatively you can use a relayer platform running on 0x to access some liquidity to execute your trades. This trustless system is a sure bet for pushing up the value of 0x going into the future.

On top of that, 0x supports the building of decentralized applications. Given the high potential that smart contracts platforms have in the cryptocurrency space, 0x stands a strong chance to explode in value. Some of the potential areas that people can develop decentralized apps using Ox include money management the predictive markets. These are areas that have the potential to push up the value of 0x.

Besides the above fundamentals, a technical analysis of 0x too shows a coin that is about to hit the moon. For starters, the market capitalization of this coin stands at over $300 million. That’s a relatively high market cap for a small coin like 0x. It is an indicator that people are taking note of it. As more people get to know of this coin, you can expect this demand to grow, and with that an even greater growth in its value. In fact, this coin could easily enter the top 20. With that, you can expect a further rise in price as FOMO takes over.

Still on technical analysis, a look at the coin’s chart shows that it’s bottoming out. The long-term chart shows a price that is sitting on a major support level. This is a perfect buying opportunity for a savvy investor. Remember the rule that the most successful investors use, “Buy when there is blood on the street.” In this case, the 0x market, like the price of all other cryptos in the market is bleeding. That’s why you should be collecting this high-value coin on the cheap. Once the market rebounds, you can expect it to hit valuations of $2. In fact, the $2 price level is the first point of resistance once the uptrend gains momentum. If it were to hit that price level in the near term, it would be an excellent reward for anyone who gets in at current price levels. 0x is definitely a coin to HODL.



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    Edit: Given the increasing incidences of hacking on centralized exchanges, you can expect the value of 0X as the power behind DEcentralized exchanges to grow.


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